Earthed Travel Adapter

World to Switzerland with USB

Besides Switzerland other 5 countries around the globe have
the socket standard that accepts the 3-pole Switzerland plug, which is the plug standard J.

from World

Australia/China 2-Pole & 3-Pole, Italy 3-Pole
UK 2-pole & 3-pole, Switzerland 3-pole
USA 2-pole & 3-pole, Europe 2-pole

with Q2Power

To Switzerland


Jordan*, Liechtenstein, Madagascar*, Maldives*, Rwanda, Switzerland

  • KEMA-KEUR certification
  • Article No. 1.100210
  • Safety proofed (IEC 60884, KEMA-KEUR certification)
  • Input voltage: 100V – 250V
  • Max. load: 10A
  • Power rating: 100V – 1000W / 250V – 2500W
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